Engage With Customers to Resolve Problems Before They Escalate.

Consumers want their voice to be heard.  Social media is the quickest way to tell the world.  Root Reviews’ platform

gives businesses the opportunity to engage with customers in real-time, proactively working to resolve a problem, before a negative

review is posted online.  Thus, giving you a chance to resolve the issue, so everyone is happy. 


Reach out to resolve issues

Today consumer’s use social media to vent their frustration, not a support line or email.  Monitoring consumer sentiment in real-time, gives businesses a unique opportunity to reach out and communicate with their customers, providing them with the listening ear of someone who can help.

All reviews are


Any chance a business can get constructive feedback from a customer, it’s a win.  Whether it is positive affirmation of a job well done, or negative feedback that can be used to improve operations for the future.  Root Reviews’ platform enables you to filter negative feedback, where you can reach out and resolve issues, ultimately creating a positive for all parties. 




Turn negative feedback into a

positive review

When businesses proactively manage customer sentiment, they can turn a negative consumer experience into a positive one.  As a consumer’s voice is heard and an issue is resolved, consumers will be happy and other online searchers will understand that no business is perfect, but they are proactive to make sure customers are happy, giving you the reputation that they will trust.




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