Real-Time Customer Feedback

How many reviews do you have?  Which social sites are they on?  Do they truly reflect your business?  Root Reviews’ platform makes it easy to

view and respond in real-time, to negative customer feedback, before your online reputation is put into jeopardy.


Empowered to make

informed decisions 

Manage your customer feedback from all your important social sites in one comprehensive dashboard.  Stay informed as customers leave feedback through real-time review alerts sent via SMS.





Interact with your


Respond to reviews from your customers on third party social sites directly from your Root Reviews dashboard.  Address customer’s concerns in real-time, before they become a social media problem.  Manage which reviews are sent to your controlled websites, like your business website, Facebook, or Twitter.


 Informed Analytics

Track reviews and ratings over time by social site and business location.  Analyze trends to make informed business decisions.  Point customers to the social sites that matter most to your business.




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