Customer Reviews Drive Business

92% of online searchers read reviews. 84% value the recommendation of a third-party referral the same as a friend or family member.

The Root Reviews platform helps you magnify your online reputation by auto promoting your reviews to your website, Facebook, twitter and

other social sites that matter most to your business.



Boost Online Visibility

As you collect reviews, they are indexed by search engines, helping improve your search ranking with newly submitted content.





Improved SEM

Consumers #1 objective when searching for a product or service, is to look for a star rating.  As your receive reviews, Google will show your businesses star rating under your name in a search, giving customers the confidence to view your business.



Showcase reviews on your


Automatically showcase your best customer reviews on your website from the most important third party social sites.




Auto promote your best


Customers are active on social media.  Auto-promote your best reviews to your Facebook and Twitter pages, giving more opportunities to establish trust with those searching for your products and services.

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